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Productive Dentist Academy
Experts in productivity coaching & training

Productivity Workshop

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The Challenge: Integrating clinical skills, technology, and business know-how to produce success

The Goal: Increase your production per hour in just a few weeks – not months or years

The Solution: Productive Dentist Academy's total immersion program, with its specific, step-by-step plan to generate $1,250/hour in production


The Skills… The Strategies… The Technology… That Make it Happen

Productive Dentist Academy's Productivity Workshop is a total immersion, 3-day program designed for doctors and teams who want to consistently produce $1,250/hour — in any geographic market. Yes, even in your area! We will not only prove this to you during the program, we’ll show you exactly how dentists just like you do it, and we’ll show you in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step fashion.

We start by showing you real-life production and financial models of dentists who consistently produce $1,250/hour — and net over $600,000/year. Each of these dentists is able to accomplish this amazing feat by utilizing the specific skills, strategies and technologies outlined by Productive Dentist Academy.

Some of these dentists practice in urban areas, others in small, rural communities. No matter where they are located, however, they all share common clinical and business practices that allow them to net $600,000 per year while working only 100 hours per month.

Productive Dentist Academy's Productivity Workshop is designed to be a highly interactive experience, and one of the ways we accomplish this is by limiting attendance. We will only accept 30 doctors and teams per workshop.

Unlike traditional CE programs, this workshop revolves around your practice. We have plenty of time built in to identify opportunities, discuss challenges, and resolve specific problems you and your staff are facing.

Tuition includes:
  • One-on-one meeting with a Productivity Coach to review your practice
  • Access to our team of specialty coaches
  • Powerful step-by-step implementation workbook
  • Opportunities throughout the weekend to mastermind with your team
  • Continental breakfast & lunch each day
  • Special awards dinner on Friday evening (Bring your cocktail attire!)
Register today! Click here to sign up or contact Chris at 866-757-1660, ext. 1 or via email at chris@productivedentist.com.

Program Highlights


How do your numbers compare to the productive dentist’s numbers? In this segment, you’ll review your practice’s performance and discover the breakthrough techniques that successful, enterprising practices are using to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability in the dental practice.
  • Analyzing your practice’s performance
  • Specific steps on how to grow your income centers
  • Feasibility of working 3 days/week while producing $1,250/hour
  • How the best practices boost production, collections and profitability through scheduling, treatment acceptance and financial arrangements
  • Production and financial models of doctors who are netting $600K
Getting Patients to Say "Yes" to Your Treatment Recommendations
Learn how to present elective and comprehensive treatment with confidence and conviction. Then watch your case acceptance and production soar!

Key Points:
  • 30 sudden impact strategies for smashing your productivity goals
  • Comprehensive treatment planning using patient risk factors
  • The production increase secret of the universe
  • How to handle common objections to ‘full’ treatment acceptance
  • Effective, no-miss financial arrangements that help patients pay for the care they need
Attracting & Maximizing New Patient Value
We will give you an incredible competitive advantage in growing your new patient base. You’ll learn new, bulletproof techniques for dominating the market in your community and attracting quality conscious patients.

Key Points:
  • Determining how many new patients you need
  • Determining new patient value and potential
  • How to develop and implement a targeted marketing plan
  • The single best marketing tool in dentistry today
  • How multi-million dollar practices build their market share, increase patient activity and retention, attract new patients and craft effective marketing promotions
Technology that Pays Dividends
Buying new equipment, hand tools, and gadgets is fun, but is it really paying off? Discover the essential new technology and techniques that are propelling dentists to higher levels of performance and profitability.

Key Points:
  • The one piece of technology that will add up to $300 per hour productivity
  • How to use CAD/CAM technology to increase productivity and marketing presence
  • Technology that prevents remakes—saving thousands per year
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Productivity Tips

Track results. Daily improvement increases profitability by 1/3
Seminar Registration

Productive Dentist Academy's total immersion program gives you a specific, step-by-step plan to generate $1,250/hour in production.

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2014 Productivity Workshops:

January 30-February 1, 2014 - Fort Worth, TX

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Call today for more information! Contact us today at 866-757-1660, ext. 1 or via email at chris@productivedentist.com.

Are you ready to make the transition from an AVERAGE DENTIST to a PRODUCTIVE DENTIST?

If so, sign up now for Productive Dentist Academy. It’s a bulletproof, 4-step, total immersion program that will have an immediate impact on your production level, take-home pay and level of practice satisfaction.

The Average Dentist
  • Works 134 hours per month
  • Takes 2 weeks of vacation
  • Personally produces $400,000
  • Works 1,600 hours
  • Produces $250/hour
The Productive Dentist
  • Works 100 hours per month
  • Takes 10 weeks of vacation
  • Personally produces $1,500,000
  • Works 1,200 hours
  • Produces $1,250/hour

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Should I increase my fees?
How many staff members do I need to produce $1,250/hour?
How do I attract patients that want the highest quality of dentistry?
Do I need to hire an associate?
How many more new patients do I need to hit my new production goals?

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